• Maintenance Support

    We offer a variety of Support Options that are easily customizable,affordable and covers a wide range of server and storage system platforms

  • System Administration

    Services include system health-check, backup solutions, performance tuning,change management, system configuration and upgrades.

  • IT Consulting and Solutions

    We provide system design consultation, architecture concepts, setup and configuration implementation.

About Us


NIXSAS provides Unix and SAN Storage systems support for entry level to enterprise class hardware. System administration, IT consulting and solutions, and maintenance support are some of our offerings for clients requiring professional technical services

Why Choose Us?


✓ Certified Professionals

✓ More than 5 years OEM exp.

✓ Various client industry infra mgmt. exposure

✓ Project mgmt. experience


✓ 15% to 20% less compared to the external market

✓ Less operating cost returned as savings to client

✓ Application of inventory mgmt. system


✓ Customizable support contract options

✓ Quarterly or half-yearly tenure

✓ Easy contract asset upgrade and/or removal.